Portland police deploy flashbangs against Antifa terrorists throwing rocks at cops

Portland police officers deployed flashbangs to push back violent Antifa terrorists who threw rocks at cops and tried to instigate violence against peaceful patriot groups. This took place after left-wing Antifa terrorists attacked and bloodied a Trump supporter, bashing him over the head and causing blood to gush onto the streets of Portland.

In sharp contrast to the Portland Police Bureau’s past behavior where they funneled violent Antifa terrorists toward peaceful prayer groups in order to cause violence, the police in Portland appeared to be working to prevent violent Antifa members from carrying out their planned violence today.

Later in the event, the Portland Police Bureau declared the event to be a “civil disturbance” and demanded participants disperse. (This may be an effort by police to instigate new violence that can be blamed on patriots.) As of this writing, the event is still unfolding and is therefore subject to additional updates or breaking news events. Portland police have announced, “Officers have observed protesters throwing rocks and bottles at officers…”

Pro-Trump patriot Will Johnson provided a blow-by-blow account during an InfoWars live stream, explaining that Portland police were deploying flashbangs to push back violent Antifa violent protesters who were attacking police.



African-American pro-Trump patriots dominate the coverage

African-American pro-Trump supporters took center stage in today’s Portland events, with Will Johnson and hundreds of other black Americans directly engaging hate-filled left-wing Antifa terrorists, asking why they don’t understand the history of racial division in America.

Here are three African-American Trump supporters standing up for real freedom, liberty and patriotism:

Watch for more pro-liberty videos to be posted at Brighteon.com.



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