People in high-tax deep blue states are voting with their feet; they are moving out in droves

When Democrats get elected to office, it puts the entire country in jeopardy for a number of different reasons, from their support for lax immigration laws and open borders to their endless quest to separate the American people from their firearms. When it comes to the economy, though, liberals are particularly dangerous, primarily because they believe that more government is what leads to jobs, wealth and prosperity. Worse still, even when their big government agenda ends up hurting the economy (as we saw under the leadership of Barack Obama), they continue to insist that more government is the answer.

What often happens when blue states inject more government into the economy in the form of laws and regulations is that people pack their bags and move elsewhere. As reported by, “More than half a million Californians have moved to other states since 2010. Every day since then, an average of 386 people moved from New York to other states.” Of course, both California and New York are deep blue states run by Democrats, almost all of whom support policies that squeeze the economic life out of the private sector.

LifeZette also noted that in 2016, the state of Illinois lost so many people due to poor economic conditions that it fell one spot in the population rankings. Additionally, according to estimates that were released last month by the Census Bureau, ten states lost at least 98,000 more residents than they gained between the years of 2010 and July of 2017. The states on the top of this list – that is, the states that lost the largest number of residents compared to the number of people moving in – were New York, Illinois, California, and New Jersey, all of which are deep blue states. Also on the list were the Democrat-controlled states of Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts. (Related: Government regulations are set to destroy the fishing industry in New England.)

“Increasingly, Americans are fleeing high-tax, deep blue states long governed by Democrats,” writes the author of the article Brendan Kirby, adding that “some experts believe the new tax law that takes effect this year will accelerate that trend, as upper-income taxpayers in such states will no longer be able to write off the full amount of their state and local taxes on their federal returns.”

The economic regulations that are introduced in blue states have also had a severe effect on various gun manufacturers, many of which have grown tired of putting up with both the high taxes and the burdensome restrictions on firearms. Magpul Industries of Erie, Colorado, for example, decided to pack their bags and set out in search of a new home after Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law a ban on standard capacity magazines. Kahr Arms of Rockland County, New York decided to move to the more gun-friendly state of Pennsylvania following New York’s enactment of the S.A.F.E. Act. According to Kahr Vice President of Sales and Marketing Frank Harris, the company decided to make the move because “we don’t feel welcome.”

Regulations also forced PTR Industries, a maker of semiautomatic rifles located in Bristol, Connecticut, to move to Aynor, South Carolina in search of a more business-friendly environment. (Related: Gun manufacturers continue to move out of left-wing states, which will give red states a significant advantage during the coming civil war.)

The moral of the story is that regulations have consequences. When liberals try to introduce more laws, restrictions and requirements based on the false idea that the government knows what’s best for job creation and economic prosperity, the people respond accordingly. If the liberal governors across the country were smart, then they would look at the economic policies that President Trump is putting in place and use them as inspiration for how to attract people to their states for once, rather than watch them pack their bags and move on.

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